Anthony G. Laurent

My training has come from some of the industry’s finest, such as Susan Batson and Jennifer Gelfer.  Each has played a significant role in preparing me for television appearances on USA Network’s White Collar, ABC’s All My Children, and Cartoon Network’s Delocated.  During the summer of 2010, I gained international exposure during my visit to Tokyo in my portrayal of NYPD Detective Smith in the Japanese feature film Hotel Chelsea.  Other films include Jackpot, When I Met a Gun, and Something Old, Something New.

As the youngest of three children raised on the south side of Chicago, I was given free reign to discover myself and my limitation.  After many trips to local hospitals to be stitched, braced, bandaged, and nurtured back to vanquish the imaginary dragons of childhood, my parents realized that “limitations” was not a concept in my vocabulary.  This trait has served me well in my attempts to go beyond and explore the myriad of emotions necessary to embody the characters I portray in my craft.

After earning a B.A. from Morehouse College, I worked in financial services and realized my need to educate adolescents about finance.  This led to the creation of the 501(c)(3)/non-profit, Kelly’s Loving Hands (KLH), which offers financial literacy education to young people. 

In addition to acting and KLH, athletics and travel are my passion.  I am an avid golfer and boxer.  I enjoy the demands that both sports require of the body and the mind.  My travels have taken me to Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

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